To all the young-uns! It felt good, didn’t it?…

But did you ever stop to think that during all that “feeling good”, that you neglected to use a condom? That you hadn’t been taking your Birth Control pills correctly? Now that “feel good” has come back and put you, and your family, in the position of taking on the responsibility of something that you could have prevented in the first place, with just a little thought, or consideration for the consequences. And now, because it “felt good”, you are expecting a baby.


Do you have a job? Your own place? A car, or other mode of transportation? Can you buy diapers for your child? Milk? A crib? Are you able to buy blankets, bottles, undershirts, a diaper bag, car seat, socks, pajamas, medicine, pacifier, teething ring, toys? After that, can you afford school supplies, school clothes, vaccinations, dr. visits, summer clothes, winter coat, boots, the school trip, school pictures, money for the bake sale, money for the class snack that you have to bring once a month? And beyond that, will you be able to pay for senior pictures, the senior trip, graduation, and college? Probably not, because you were only thinking of YOURSELF, and what YOU wanted.


How nice it was of you, and your significant other, (or was it just your “fly by night” date?) to put the burden of YOUR whole new family on your parents. Since YOU are unable to do it, who do you think the responsiblity falls to? These items don’t fall out of the sky! SOMEONE has to purchase them–it’s not either of you, so who then? Once again, probably your parents. Wow, what fun that must be for them! To go out and have to buy all of the things they had to buy 20 years ago to take care of you, and now they get to do it all again, for YOUR child, because you were too selfish, arrogant, proud, ignorant (take your pick!) to use protection, when there is so much of it around.


You are SUCH an adult, huh? You can run around MAKING babies, but don’t have the wherewithal to take care of one. You’re the bad ass who can scream in your parent’s face about how grown you are, but when your child needs something, who is the first person you call? Yo MAMA, or yo DADDY, and in some cases your Grandmama!! 


Why do you young people not think of these things? Why do you not care enough to take ONE SMALL precaution to PREVENT this? Whatever happened to sex being the LAST step in a relationship, as opposed the the now seemingly FIRST step in one? Sex used to be SPECIAL between a man and a woman, and people waited until they were married, or at least COMMITTED, before they embarked on this part of the relationship. Now, all you hear after 4 kids, and 3 “babymommas”, is, “Marriage? Oh, I ain’t READY fa datt”. OH…so you’re not READY??? …but you were ready to get ‘busy’, or “jump off” because he or she “looked good”. Boy…..good reason to put your family through picking up the pieces or your ‘feel good” time, huh?


If you are one of the few that IS prepared, and are a REAL adult, then more power to you! But if you can’t take care of any of this, because you are unemployed, uneducated, living in your parents’ house, asking them for money, needing someone to give you a ride all the time, etc… then YOU ARE NOT READY, so keep your zipper UP, and that nickel between your KNEES!


Your parents are in their 40’s, 50’s, or even their 60’s in some cases, have raised their own children, and worked hard to do so, but now they have to do it all again, just because it ‘felt good” and you had to get your ‘freak’ on. Wow.


Tell me now….does it still feel good?