If you want quality employees, PAY a QUALITY WAGE!!

I am so sick of the job market these days!


  I am a fine dining hostess, and an exceptional one, but restaurants don’t want to PAY anything, anymore! They want you to be professional, articulate, well groomed, personable, handle difficult guests, stressful situations, help bus and set tables when needed, type up specials, make reservations, answer phones, serve water, coffee, and tea, manage a wait list on busy nights, and tons of other duties, ALL with a smile on your face! Well, I CAN, and WILL, do ALL of that, but not for minimum wage!! You get what you pay for! That is one of the reasons that you have such a high turnover of employees. If you want quality EMPLOYEES, then you have to be willing to pay quality WAGES!!
   If by chance you are unable to pay a decent wage, at least offer BENEFITS! It might be worth it to an employee to work for minimum wage, if they can get health benefits along with it. But to pay low, AND no benefits? People just don’t want to do that any more. 

  The same goes for OTHER positions in the restaurant industry. They want Chefs with a TON of experience, want them to invent recipes to help build business, follow the restaurant’s current recipes to the letter, order, and accept delivery of food, stay on budget, AND put out quality meals, but want to pay them only $8-$9 and hour! Do you really think that people with the experience you require, are willing to work for that kind of money? I mean, I know it’s rough out there, but people are not going to sell their souls any more just to have job that pays barely enough to survive.

 Come on employers, pay out some REAL money if you want employees that will STAY, as well as give the service that you have come to expect. It’s only fair!Image