My ideas to help the State of Michigan! (However unrealistic they may be!)

I originally tried to post this on mlive, because they were asking citizens for ideas to try and help our State’s economy. It didn’t post correctly there, so I figured I would post it here to get it off my chest, lol! Here it is:

One thing that might help, would be to set up specific areas in stores, to showcase Michigan made/grown products. Then at least those of us who want to support local businesses, would know for sure, which items would help Michigan’s economy, without trying to guess at it.

It might (I said, MIGHT) also restore our faith in Government, if our Officials would live off of what the average citizen is making annually,($20-30,000) WITHOUT having access to their current finances for ONE YEAR. Maybe, then, they will realize what it is REALLY like to live as a Michigander. When they find that they are unable to afford health insurance, car insurance, gas, food, rent/mortgage, utilities, well then, they will know what WE feel like every month.

If they DO manage to make it work, GREAT, then they won’t NEED those huge salaries, and the money that the Gov’t saves in salaries, can go for other things that the people of this state need, ie; more teachers, police officers, firefighters, and child care/community health centers for the poor.

Another idea to save money would be to cut off mothers who recieve public assistance, if they continue to have children AFTER they know that they cannot care for them financially on their own. If you are on assistance, that’s understandable, because everyone needs a helping hand ONCE IN A WHILE, but to have MORE babies when YOU can’t take care of the ones you HAVE, is RIDICULOUS, and IRRESPONSIBLE.

It kills me that DHS will pay for more and more children if you keep having them, but it won’t pay for the termination of a pregnancy. I don’t advocate abortions at all, but why would the Gov’t pay THOUSANDS for a child who is likely going to be on the welfare rolls for at least 18 years, but not pay a few HUNDRED for a termination when it might help ease the rolls. To keep from paying for countless abortions, (and they shouldn’t) then limit them to one, and if the woman gets pregnant again, then she will be cut off, PERIOD!

They could also cut down on Inaugurations. (ALL OF THEM!) Ok, you have been voted into Office, so invite your family, close friends, have some soup and salad, and show a highlight of it on the 6:00 news. It is not necessary to have, roads closed, a security force, limos, dinner, dancing, music, flowers, entertainers, speeches, etc… If our economy could afford it, sure, but it CAN’T, and a party like that, is DEFINITELY NOT a NECCESSITY.

Wake up Michigan.

Ok, I guess I’m done,

…for now.


The proposed “ban” on 2 liter sodas on NYC…..

In the wake of the Mayor in New York, who wants to ban 2-litre sodas now… I was prompted to write the following….

This is getting ridiculous! I get that they are trying to get people to eat healthy, but the decision is STILL up to each individual person whether they want to be reckless or not. This country is supposed to be a FREE society, but we are losing our freedom more every day. Restaurants can’t use certain oils anymore. Some counties won’t serve liquor. (“dry” counties) even to adults. Several states have gone non smoking, although cigarettes are still LEGAL. Schools will only allow you to send certain snacks with your children, and will take them away from them if they are not on the “approved” snack list. You have to buy 2 seats on a plane, train, or bus, if you happened to be extra “cushy”. Not to mention all of the “store” cards (CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, D&W, Ralph’s, etc…) you have to register for, to be able to get the “sale” price of an item in that particular store. Said cards also allow them to know WHAT you buy, WHEN you buy it, and in what QUANTITIES, as well as HOW you pay for it.

There is no freedom in this Country anymore, and there won’t be again. I even wonder sometimes, whether FB is the “mark of the beast” for our time. Everything we do, or say, or think, is recorded on here, and WE are the ones that GIVE them the information. They don’t have to go anywhere FOR it, because it’s already right in front of them, without any effort on their part. They know what music we like, what stores we like, what recipes we like, what medical issues we have.

They know when we are happy, mad, sad, drunk, got into a fight, went to a club, or had an argument with our spouse, children, siblings, parents, or friends. They know our hobbies, likes, and dislikes. They know which bars, restaurants, shows, concerts, sporting events, and movies we have gone to. They know our favorite celebrities, our favorite food, our favorite games, and who our closest friends are. For some, they even know the last time that you wiped your butt, blew your nose, or had sex (and believe me, we don’t CARE about ANY of those things!) Why? Because EVERYTHING is online now. Your credit card info is there. Your birth, death, and marriage information is there. Your SSN, mother’s maiden name, and your birth date. Passwords can be “saved” or not, for “your” convenience. Which high school you attended. Which College you went to. Reunions are online, as are weddings, showers, baby announcements, and registries. Your medical history, your bank information, your utility payments, your online shopping, and so many more things.

When, or where, will it end? it probably won’t, because no one wants to do things the old way anymore. No one lets you “stop in” to fill out a job application anymore. You have to go to their “website”. No one makes a phone call, because they would rather text, or IM. No one sends an actual card, because it’s easier to “e-card” them. It’s free, and doesn’t take much time. People don’t even visit each other anymore. They figure that everyone is on FB. Well, your 80 year old aunt may not be. Your 70 year old dad may not be. Your cousin who is barely making ends meet, may not be. Don’t those people deserve a little attention that IS NOT digitally engineered, even though they are NOT on FB? Do we ostracize them because they aren’t? Maybe they didn’t hear about the party, wedding, or reunion, because no one thought enough to send them a REAL invitation, with a REAL envelope, and a REAL stamp…

I guess I say all that to say this…

When TPTB make “rules”, it is not always only ONE specific group that said rules affect. There is almost always a “ripple” effect, that reaches far beyond the “obese” children, or the insurance company rates. These “rulings” that they claim are for “our” benefit, are just another way for “big brother” to control what we do, how we do it, and WHEN we do it. We can’t keep keep turning our heads, and falling for everything they say, simply because they “SAY” it’s in our best interest. If we DO, eventually we may end up DRIVING in a car seat of our OWN!

Wake up people, and start standing up for what you DO and DON’T want! That’s why we have the right to vote!! If you don’t want certain things, STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES BY VOTING! If you only sit back and bitch about what goes on, then YOU are part of the problem!! Wake up, and lets get OUR Country back!