If any of you have family, or friends who are in a Nursing home, PLEASE go by once in a while to check on them. Don’t call, just GO!! Some facilities are really good, and some are horror chambers!

Patients may not be getting the correct medicines, or could be getting them in the wrong doses. Also, patients are sometimes left sitting in chairs in the hallways ALL DAY LONG, with hardly anyone giving them a second thought.

There are many patients who turn on their “call” buttons, only to be ignored. They are sometimes left soiled for hours and hours, while the aides who are supposed to be taking care of them, are in the hallways giggling with each other, at the desk on personal phone calls, or just chatting about anything, and everything, EXCEPT the patients.

So many times the patient’s laundry “accidentally” gets lost, (especially the nicer things) and they never seem to get it back. That is a feat in itself, since they are supposed to TAG the clothes IMMEDIATELY. Smh…

On the other hand, there are also GREAT facilities, with great staff, where everyone does their job, and the patients are well taken care of. Thank you to those PROFESSIONALS. You could probably teach the rest of them something.

So take a couple of hours to pay a visit to someone who it would mean the world to, and possibly even give them the will to keep going. For some, that is all they need not to give up!

If you can wait in a line overnight for shoes, computers, and concert tickets, then you can SURELY spare a couple of hours to take a loved one a meal, some flowers, a card, or just sit and visit, so that they know that someone cares.

Give it a try!

If any of you h…