My ideas to help the State of Michigan! (However unrealistic they may be!)

I originally tried to post this on mlive, because they were asking citizens for ideas to try and help our State’s economy. It didn’t post correctly there, so I figured I would post it here to get it off my chest, lol! Here it is:

One thing that might help, would be to set up specific areas in stores, to showcase Michigan made/grown products. Then at least those of us who want to support local businesses, would know for sure, which items would help Michigan’s economy, without trying to guess at it.

It might (I said, MIGHT) also restore our faith in Government, if our Officials would live off of what the average citizen is making annually,($20-30,000) WITHOUT having access to their current finances for ONE YEAR. Maybe, then, they will realize what it is REALLY like to live as a Michigander. When they find that they are unable to afford health insurance, car insurance, gas, food, rent/mortgage, utilities, well then, they will know what WE feel like every month.

If they DO manage to make it work, GREAT, then they won’t NEED those huge salaries, and the money that the Gov’t saves in salaries, can go for other things that the people of this state need, ie; more teachers, police officers, firefighters, and child care/community health centers for the poor.

Another idea to save money would be to cut off mothers who recieve public assistance, if they continue to have children AFTER they know that they cannot care for them financially on their own. If you are on assistance, that’s understandable, because everyone needs a helping hand ONCE IN A WHILE, but to have MORE babies when YOU can’t take care of the ones you HAVE, is RIDICULOUS, and IRRESPONSIBLE.

It kills me that DHS will pay for more and more children if you keep having them, but it won’t pay for the termination of a pregnancy. I don’t advocate abortions at all, but why would the Gov’t pay THOUSANDS for a child who is likely going to be on the welfare rolls for at least 18 years, but not pay a few HUNDRED for a termination when it might help ease the rolls. To keep from paying for countless abortions, (and they shouldn’t) then limit them to one, and if the woman gets pregnant again, then she will be cut off, PERIOD!

They could also cut down on Inaugurations. (ALL OF THEM!) Ok, you have been voted into Office, so invite your family, close friends, have some soup and salad, and show a highlight of it on the 6:00 news. It is not necessary to have, roads closed, a security force, limos, dinner, dancing, music, flowers, entertainers, speeches, etc… If our economy could afford it, sure, but it CAN’T, and a party like that, is DEFINITELY NOT a NECCESSITY.

Wake up Michigan.

Ok, I guess I’m done,

…for now.


2 thoughts on “My ideas to help the State of Michigan! (However unrealistic they may be!)

  1. Gertha says:

    OK, I agree on the part about the government salaries and the inaugurations. Perhaps, the state should model after Maine with unwed mothers getting assistance. Last I read, in Maine if a young lady gets pregnant and is still living at home, then the parents are responsible. Now, past that I don’t know how they handle it. Also, if the mothers were cut off six months after birth, that would help. I never got to stay home with my children and I was married and working, so they need to hustle too. It would be nice if all mothers could stay home until their children go to school, but if you can’t you can’t. Spend time with them when you get off work. The only problem will be that minimum wage doesnt really pay for childcare, so there will have to be some help there. For example, my daughter never got checks because she worked, but she got Title XX to help with day care. Now that she makes a decent wage, there is no more help.

  2. Not sure if the parents should be responsible necessarily, (because sometimes they have no IDEA that the girl is even pregnant), but they should NOT be able to get assistance for more than ONE child, if they can’t live on their own. They also need to get on these girls more than they do, about who the fathers are. If necessary, take DNA of every child that is born, and compare it to the boyfriends of these mothers. Either they give up the name, or they get cut off–PERIOD!

    I also agree that minimum wage is not enough for child care, so instead of the Government paying for baby after baby, limit the child care payments to ONE child, and no more (unless the woman is ALREADY on assistance, and has several children. Even then though, there needs to be a time limit. Some of these things WILL deter women from having more children than they can afford, if the gravy train stops for additional babies born AFTER the mother gets approved for assistance.

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